With over two billion users each month, more and more businesses are investing in Facebook ads. Hitting that ‘boost’ button might seem like a quick and simple solution, but are you missing a trick?


There’s no denying Business Manager is confusing when you first set up an account, but it gives you far more options for your ads, from better targeting to different formats. Still not convinced? Check out 8 benefits I’ve listed below and you might just change your mind!


  1. FREE: It costs nothing. Facebook Business Manager is totally free and helps you create, publish, monitor and report on all the ads you’re running.
  2. ORGANISED: Business Manager helps streamline information and to keep it in order. Using this central hub, you can collate and manage all your Facebook needs, including pages, ad accounts and all associated assets.
  3. SEPARATE: It’s a great way of keeping your personal and business social media lives apart. By bringing your pages into Business Manager, you avoid getting notifications every time you log in; this is a definite win in the work-life balance battle.
  4. SECURE: It allows you to access multiple pages and share ad accounts without having to compromise log-ins or personal details.
  5. PIXELS: You can generate pixels for every ad account allowing you to access, and re-use, valuable data to opimise your ads.
  6. PLAN: Use Business Manager to build out audiences in advance of running your ads. This is great practice and allows you to see factors that might affect your targeting before you begin. You can even share audiences between accounts if you want ads to run to a similar customer base.
  7. MONITOR: You’ll have detailed, business-level reporting available at every stage. Keeping a close eye on how your ads are doing is crucial for success and you can get granular breakdowns of every campaign you run.
  8. BILLING: Payment details can be easily managed without having to swap between different pages and accounts.

All in all, it’s worth putting in the effort to understand how Business Manager works. If you need a bit of guidance, book an AD-vice 1-2-1 and I’ll help you get set up.


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