Before you start investing in ads, make sure you, and your business, have everything in place to give them the best chance of success. A good ads manager should be checking all the following things before you sign any contract. It’s worth asking yourself the following questions to see whether your business is ready for the investment: –


    • What’s your goal?

      Before you begin running ads, make sure you know the outcome you want. Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Would you like to increase the sales of a particular line or product? Do you want people to download something in return for their email address? Whatever it is you want ads to achieve, make sure you are choosing the right objective and your ads are structured to achieve this.

    • Facebook pixel

      Do you already have this installed on your website? While it’s not complete;y necessary for all ad campaigns, it’s something that’s worth installing before you begin. This is a unique piece of code, that’s generated through Business Manager and attached to your ad account. It’s easy for a web developer to install and essential for building up data if you want to run ads successfully. You can then start tracking the traffic to your site and find out more about the journey your audience takes. Not only does it provide important insight, but it allows you to build audiences based on the actions people have taken. These ‘Lookalike audiences’ are sometimes the best-performing as they target people similar to those who have already purchased your products or services.

    • Website Conversion Rate

      This is a big one for me! Before I work with clients, I check that their website is already converting. Do people actually want the product or service you’re selling? If your website conversion rate is 0%, it doesn’t matter how many eyes we get on your ads – no amount of visitors will help increase sales unless it’s something people want.

    • Consistent Organic Activity

      Are you posting enough on your own social platforms? Both consistent activity and engagement are important for the success of your ads. Audiences can be built from people who have already engaged with your content; organic activity can help build relationships and familiarity with your brand. If people like your ads and click through to your profile to find out more, is your account up to date and what people expect to see?

    • Volume of stock

      If you want more sales, do you have enough products in stock to cope if (when 😉) your ads are successful? Do you have the mechanics in place to scale up if it’s needed? There’s nothing worse than finding a creative which really hits the sweet spot – only to have to pull it because the featured product is out of stock! If you’re a service-based business can you cope with demand? Are you willing to grow your team if needed or find a way to offer more?

    • Budget

      Be realistic! if the product or service you’re selling costs hundreds of pounds, you’ll need to spend more than £50 to expect a good return!

    • Time

      Last, but not least . . . do you have time to run Facebook ads? Setting up, testing, and making sure that your ads are performing takes a lot of time. If you don’t have the hours in the day, you might find that paying for an ads specialist makes sense – work out the time you’ll need to take away from your business and consider whether you’ll be able to get results that are worthwhile.

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