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If you’re thinking about investing in Facebook ads to grow your business, make sure you’re ready. Whether you’re planning to run the ads yourself or pay an expert to do them for you, ask yourself the following questions to see if it’s time to take the leap . . .

  • What’s your goal? Before you start running ads, make sure you know what outcome you’re expecting. Do you want to drive more traffic to your website? Looking to increase sales of a particular service or product? Are you offering something in return for people’s emails? Whatever you want to achieve, make sure the ads you run are right for your chosen objective.
  • Facebook pixel; do you have this installed on your website? Generate this piece of code through your ad account & it’s easy to install. Once in place, it allows you to start tracking your website traffic and to find out about the journey your customers take. Your pixel provides important insight but also allows you to build audiences based on what people have done before. ‘Lookalike’ audiences can be the best-performing in an ad campaign as they target people similar to those who have already shown interest – or purchased – your products.
  • Website Conversion Rate; this is a biggie for me! Before working with a client, I check how well their website is converting. Are people actually buying the product or service on offer? Is your website set up right to make this purchase happen? If your website conversion rate is 0%, you can run as many ads as you like but this is unlikely to change. Make sure what you’re selling is something people want – and that you’re marketing it correctly.
  • Consistent Organic Activity: are you posting enough on your own social platforms? Regular posts and engagement are both important in the success of your ads for a number of reasons. Think about it – if a customer sees an ad and clicks through to your page, but there’s no recent activity, what impression does this give? You can also build audiences from people who have already engaged with your content while organic activity helps create relationships and familiarity with your brand.
  • Products: If you want more sales, do you have enough products in stock to cope if (or when 😉) your ads are successful? There’s nothing worse than finding a creative which really hits the sweet spot with your audience – only to have to pull it because your product is out of stock! Try and plan so that your ads focus on what you’ll have in stock for the length of the campaign.
  • Budget: Be realistic about how much you’re going to spend; if the product or service you’re selling costs hundreds of pounds, you’ll need to spend more than £50 to expect to see a return.
  • Time: And lastly, do you have time to run your Facebook ads? Setting up, testing and making sure your ads are performing well takes a lot of time. Do you want to spend the time it’ll take away from your business? Lots of clients find that paying an ads specialist’s fee is worth the time it would take.

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